About Us

Aipit Onlus is a non-profit association of patients suffering from ITP – Immune Thrombocytopenia Purpura.

Life with a chronic illness is often difficult and full of doubts and fears. Life with ITP requires physical strength and fortitude to keep going and not to break down. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to find the strength we need and we seek comfort from those around us. No matter how much our relatives or friends might try to understand how we feel, only those who are in the same situation can fully understand us.

Talking to “someone like us” is not only comforting but also allows us to share our own experience. Often, not feeling alone and hearing those words “come on, you can do it” from someone who knows what we’re going through and knows our fears, gives us the strength to get back up and continue our journey with a more balanced mind.
Aipit was founded on 15 May 2010 by a group of patients and parents of children with ITP because we believe that no one should feel alone in times of difficulty and everyone has the right to be correctly informed.

We all remember the day of our diagnosis, a day when the world collapsed a and our heads were filled with questions. Over the years, we’ve helped many people to overcome this moment full of fears and questions offering a friendly hand and remanding that you’re not alone!
Our close relationship with physicians experts in ITP treatment has allowed us to learn more about the disease and to create a more open dialogue between physicians and patients.

We believe that collaboration between all the parties involved in patient care is the only way to truly improve a patient’s life, where a patient is a person and not a number.

Since 1776, when Empress Maria Theresa of Austria decided to organise the teaching of the Fine Arts in a proper fashion, the Brera Academy has not only been a reference point for the History of Art and its teaching, but has also represented a cultural outpost capable of combining literature, the arts and science.
The Brera Academy was born with the idea of being a forward-thinking place, capable of breaking down frontiers, borders, spatial and temporal limits.

Art in its highest form can benefit patients, making it possible to illustrate the obstacle course one often faces during an illness in a stronger and more emotional way.

The Brera Academy firmly believes that art can play an important role in health, thanks to unique communicative codes. This is why it has introduced the Theory and Practice of Art Therapy study pathway with the aim of fostering the training of art therapists, with expertise in visual language and a strong professional profile, developing an ability to recognize and manage problematic situations, related to the discomfort that an illness can cause.

For more than forty years, Amgen has been committed in finding innovative solutions to address the unmet therapeutic needs of patients with serious diseases. It is a global leader in some of the main therapeutic areas, such as oncology, haematology, cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory diseases, fragile bones and nephrology.

With an approach effectively summed up by the slogan Biology First, Amgen has been among the pioneers of biotechnological research. Using the resources of advanced genetics, it performs in-depth analyses of the human body’s biological processes: those that cause diseases, but also hold potential remedies for them.

It has always worked alongside institutions and patient associations to support initiatives aimed at making it easier to live with diseases and raising public awareness about disorders such as ITP.